Walk-in Medical Clinic

Health care is a hot topic these days. There are many individuals who are unable to afford medical insurance, and many who do not qualify for medical assistance. This is an unfortunate reality, but luckily there are medical centers that specialize in addressing these issues, such as the Downers Grove walk in medical clinic, which is part of the DuPage Medical Plaza.

If you are in the DuPage area and are looking for a new medical solution, stop into our Downers Grove walk in medical clinic and discover why we’re different. Our number-one goal is meeting our patients’ highest standards. We want to offer you health care at YOUR convenience. We treat every single one of our patients like a family member. We don’t believe in just treating the immediate illness, but we treat each individual as a whole.

Having been in practice for 10 years, our medical professionals are capable of treating any medical condition, such as geriatrics, diabetes, weight management, hypertension, women’s health, dermatology and adolescent health. We see patients from newborns to the elderly. The doors of our Downers Grove walk in medical clinic are open to anyone with any condition.

We understand that sometimes your primary care physician’s office may have limited hours and availability. That’s why we are open from 9 am to 10 pm, and we accept walk-in patients anytime. We never want to turn anyone away. Our doors are always open; that’s a guarantee.

We also know that a trip to the ER can be extremely expensive. Even some insurance companies will not handle that cost. Our costs are considerably less when compared to the hospital ER. We also have on-site labs, and we perform our own diagnostics in-house. So no matter what your condition, we have the capability to treat and/or address it right here at our medical center.

At the DuPage Medical Plaza, all of our doctors and medical professionals are board certified by the American Academy of Family Practice. We have earned a reputation for our care and service, and we are sure you we will earn your trust and you will be satisfied with the treatment you receive with us.

Why stress over scheduling appointments and financing major medical bills? At DuPage Medical Plaza, we relieve that stress. We strive to come up with a solution that works for you and for us. At DuPage Medical Plaza, we are family.